Curriculum vitae

Personal details

Name: Mgr. Vladimír Bušek
Date of birth: 27th September 1982
Place of birth: Uherské Hradiště
Nationality: Czech

Address of domicile
734 Prokopa Holého Street
686 06, Uherské Hradistě 686 06

Address of temporary residence
1163 Štěpnická Street
686 06, Uherské Hradistě 686 06

Charles University in Prague

Faculty of Education
Department of Information Technology and Computer Science

Final state examination
Information and communication technology B
Pedagogy and Psychology for teachers C
Thesis A
Design for a system of analysing the knowledge and skills of elementary school pupils on transfer to secondary school

Czech Technical University in Prague

Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
Computer sciences

Final state examination
Electronics C
Operating systems B
Bachelor’s project B
Using CMS in medical informatics and telematics including the access by certificate in IMA s.r.o.

Secondary school “Gymnázium” in Uherské Hradiště

School leaving examination
Czech language A
Social sciences C
Mathematics A
English language B

Basic school in Uherské Hradiště


Secondary school “Gymnázium” in Uherské Hradiště

At present
Post: teacher

Arcibiskupské Gymnázium in Prague

Post: teacher, ICT coordinator

SŠPE Eltodo s.r.o.

Post: teacher, ICT coordinator, web administrator

Trade Certificate

2008-2009 (in progress)
Creation of web applications s.r.o.

Post: web developer (PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML) and market agent
Responsibilities: creation of web applications and communication with clientele

Squashcentrum Evropská

Post: web administrator
Responsibilities: input system for results and its processing

Dobrý den s Kurýrem

Post: journalism
Responsibilities: sport section

Additional skills

Knowledge of PC
PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, basics of JavaScript
Knowledge of web questions (RSS, SEO, …)
Web technology: Basics of Ruby on Rails (Radiant)
CMS: Plone, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla
Office Suite: MS Office, Libre Office
Graphic: GIMP, Inkscape
Network: network administrator for 3 years (connection of new users and network management) at halls of residence Podoli


English language – advanced
German language – beginner


Driving license B


PC: hardware as well as software
Sports: basketball, football, volleyball and swimming
Logical games: bridge
Pets: dog


4th World Junior Pairs Championship in Stargard (2001)
7th European University Championships in Wroclaw (2003)
9th European University Championships in Rotterdam (2005)
20st European Youth Teams Championship in Riccione (2005)
21st European Youth Teams Championship in Jesolo (2007)
White House Juniors in Amsterdam (2007, 2008)
22nd European Youth Teams Championship in Brasov as coach of girl team (2009)


Available upon request